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Tips For Getting  Your Home Ready to Sell

Preparing Your Home for Sale

Selling your home is a lot of work, and it can sell in as little as a day or several months. But there are some things you can do in advance to help ensure your home sells for the most money in the least amount of time.

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  • Have An Agent Walk-Through
  • Increase Curb Appeal
  • Exterior Painting
  • Neutral Color Schemes
  • Remove Clutter and Personal Effects
  • Eliminate Odors
  • Make Small Repairs
  • Have it Professionally Cleaned
  • Stage It
  • Relax

Meet With an Agent For a Walk-Through

Consider meeting with an agent to do a walk-through of your home. Agents are keen on what buyers look for and can help point you in the right direction for clean-up and repairs. Agents can also serve as valuable resources to make recommendations for contractors and other services you may need.

Tip: Agents are always happy to lend you their expertise, use it.

Increase Curb Appeal

The first thing potential buyers see — whether in photos or in person — is the front exterior of your home. This first impression is known as curb appeal. Clean up debris from the yard, pressure wash the roof and driveway, do some landscaping, and create an inviting entry way. (Buyers pause at the front door as agents get the keys to open the door, this is an excellent opportunity to create a positive impression.)

Consider Exterior Painting if Needed

Painting the exterior of your home — even if that just means touching up certain areas — can have an incredible impact on helping your home sell faster and for more money. Buyers love fresh paint. It calls attention to your home from the street, and in photos. You might even be able to recoup a lot, if not all, of the investment.

Paint the Interior Neutral Colors

Unfortunately, not all buyers may have the same great taste as you when it comes to colors schemes. That bright purple wall might be a turn-off for some. Painting the interior of your home to a neutral and bright color scheme — like whites, and light gray accents — will create better appeal to a broader spectrum of buyers. It can also help cover up any blemishes that occurred from normal wear and tear. It is usually a low-cost and easy way to spruce up the place. Again, buyers love fresh paint.

Remove Clutter and  Personal Effects

Buyers are trying to envision themselves in your home. Clutter and personal effects can distract. Clutter can make a room feel smaller, or just be a turn-off in general. You should try to remove as much as you can, especially from surfaces and corners. Personal effects, like family photos, can make it harder for buyers to picture the home as theirs. As a bonus, doing this task will also give you a head start for packing up when your home sells. 

Tip: Getting a short-term storage unit can provide a place to store items during the selling process and as you transition into your new living situation.

Eliminate Odors

We can become nose-blind to our own dwellings. Ask a friend what they really think about the way your home smells. Things like dog-odor can be detrimental. It’s good to know if your home has a bad smell. You can even consider getting a an area home freshener, like scented oil. And because a lot of smells can become trapped in carpets, it is also a good idea to have carpets steam cleaned.

Make Small Repairs

Doing a complete bathroom renovation is probably not a good idea (you won’t get a big return on investment). But making small repairs like fixing a leaking faucet, or repairing the gutters, patching holes in the wall, and making doors close properly can all make a big difference.

Tip: You can also have a pre-listing home inspection performed. This can help you identify little projects that are easy to tackle, and also potentially uncover major issues you didn’t know about that could disrupt a transaction down the road. Inspections are relatively inexpensive for the benefit you can gain from them.


Have it Professionally Cleaned

Hiring a cleaner for a once-over deep clean can help take a lot of the stress out of preparing your home for sale — making it well worth the expense! Professional cleaners can make your home sparkle. Once its been completely cleaned, it will also be easier for you to maintain. Wiping down surfaces and vacuuming, and sweeping regularly afterwards will keep it show-ready.

Stage It

Most of your home is probably staged on account of just simply being lived in. But you can also make sure things are tidy — like organizing throw pillows on a couch or bed. Then sometimes there are rooms that may get ignored. Have a spare bedroom just collecting boxes and other items on the bed? Prep the room like you’re about to have a guest. The idea is to give spaces a purpose.

You can also try different furniture arrangements that create more space and make rooms appear larger. 

Tip: Linger in a rooms doorway for a while and take a look around and envision yourself as a buyer. You’ll start to get an eye for how you can improve the appearance.


Relax and Take a Breath

Don’t overextend yourself. If you just don’t have time to do everything, or lack the resources, don’t worry. Every home will sell eventually, that’s a fact. Buyers are able to look past a lot of the categories described above. These are just some tips to help you out if you’re looking for ways to prepare to sell your home.

Questions? Ask away!